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Tatar mosque in the Tatar cemetery o Nemėžis
Tatar mosque in the Tatar cemetery o Nemėžis
Nemėžis is located in Lithuania
Location o Nemėžis
Coordinates: 54°38′10″N 25°21′40″E / 54.63611°N 25.36111°E / 54.63611; 25.36111Coordinates: 54°38′10″N 25°21′40″E / 54.63611°N 25.36111°E / 54.63611; 25.36111
Kintra Lithuanie
CoontyVilnius Coonty
MunicipalityVilnius Destrict Municipality
EldershhipNemėžis eldership
Caipital oNemėžis eldership
First mentioned1496
 • Total2,601
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Nemėžis is a veelage in the Vilnius Destrict Municipality, Lithuanie. It is locatit sooth-east o Vilnius alang a railwey.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

It is believed that thare wis a castle in Nemėžis durin the reign o Vytautas (1392–1430). The dounset wis first mentioned in written sources in 1496 when Grand Duke o Lithuanie Alexander Jagiellon walcomit his futur wife Helena o Moscow here.[1]

On 3 November 1656, the Truce o Vilna atween Tsardom o Roushie an the Pols-Lithuanie Commonweel wis signed in the Nemėžis estate, then awned bi Lew Sapieha.

Lipka Tatars[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nemėžis is ane o several Lithuanie dounsets whaur Lipka Tatars live. Brocht as preesoners o war, Tatars wur alloued tae settle here in 1397 efter Vytautas' expeditions against the Gowden Horde (see the Battle o Blue Watters). Up till this day they hae preservit their tradeetions an Islamic releegion. At first Tatars servit as personal gairds for the Grand Duke o Lithuanie, but later teuk up mair ceevil professions: breedin horse, tannin, gardenin. Eventually Tatars became kent as excellent gardeners, growin eggplants, tomatoes, an ither vegetables.[2] Even the day Nemėžis is kent for its numerous greenhooses.[2]

The first firthen mosque in Nemėžis wis built in 1684. It burned doun but a new ane wis built in 1909. Durin the Soviet times it wis turned intae a warehoose. Efter Lithuanie declared unthirldom, the mosque wis returned tae the commonty an it continues tae be uised for releegious services. In 1993 it wis restored. It is uised for prayer anerly on Fridays, young muin. On that occasion a mullah comes frae Vilnius. Nemėžis mosque is ane o fower operational mosques in Lithuanie. Nemėžis haes an operational Tatar cemetery an a Tatar schuil an aw.[2]

Nemėžis estate[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nemėžis estate in 2007

The Nemėžis estate, locatit approximately 1 km ootside the veelage, wis established in the 16t century. At first it belangit tae the Pac faimily, but chyngit haunds frequently. Its awners at different times wur the Radziwiłł faimily, Jan Kazimierz Sapieha, Jan Karol Chodkiewicz, Lew Sapieha, an the Ogiński faimily. Till the 19t century the manor wis o a firthen construction. In 1828 the place wis bocht bi the Tyszkiewicz faimily an Michał Tyszkiewicz rebuilt the manor in bricks in 1836–1856. The pairk o the estate was destroyed while biggin a road, connectin Vilnius wi Minsk.

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