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Vytautas (Lithuanian: Aboot this soondVytautas Didysis , Belaroushie: Вітаўт, Pols: Witold Kiejstutowicz; styled "the Great" frae the 15t century onwards; c. 1350 – October 27, 1430) wis ane o the maist famous rulers o medieval Lithuania. Vytautas wis the ruler (1392–1430) of the Grand Duchy o Lithuanie which chiefly encompassed the Lithuanians an Ruthenians. He wis also the Prince o Hrodna (1370–1382) an the Prince o Lutsk (1387–1389), postulated king o Hussites.

In modern Lithuanie, Vytautas is revered as a naitional hero an wis an important figure in the national rebirth in the 19t century. Vytautas is a popular male gien name in Lithuanie. Vytautas Magnus University wis named efter him. Monuments in his honour wur built in mony touns in the independent Republic of Lithuanie durin the interwar period, 1918–1939.