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Uiser collogue:Corsicanwarrah

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Walcome![eedit soorce]

Hullo, Corsicanwarrah, an walcome til the Wikipedie! Guid tae see ye. Thank ye faer yer werks. Some gibbles ye'll fynd uissfu:

Bi gaun throu the Commontie Yett ye'll can find aw kynd o wittins adae wi uisin an eikin til the Wikipedie. For tae hae a sey shottie, veesit oor Saundpit.

Dinna haud yer wheesht, haud yer ain!MJLTauk 18:14, 29 August 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

Scots Correctin[eedit soorce]

Awricht, a got yer message on 'e Gowden jackal airticle edit. The Scots wis fine, apairt fae mibbie the placement o "an aa". The biggest problem wis it's length, an wis needin expandin, bit itherwise, no a bad job!

Whiles a dinna mind gittin tagged nou an again fur airticles, am aye gled tae help thare, but tae jouk hivin tae tag iz aw the time, a hink the {{fixscots}} tag wad dae fur gittin fowk tae sort it oot mait o the time?

(in Inglis) Hey, I got your message about the Gowden jackal article edit. The Scots was fine, with maybe the exception of the "an aa" placement? The biggest problem was that the article was short and needs expanding, but otherwise, not a bad job!

I don't mind being tagged now and again for these, I'm always glad to help, but to avoid doing it all the time, perhaps the {{fixscots}} tag would suffice most of the time? -Cobra! (tauk) 15:04, 15 September 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

@Cobra 3000: I have another question about Scots grammar: besides "an aa/aw" being supposed to come after the list of alternatives and not before, is "also kent as X, Y" correct Scots? (It would appear that AG saw that kent = known and replaced accordingly.) Or should that be corrected to "cried X, Y an aa"? --Corsicanwarrah (tauk) 09:24, 19 September 2020 (UTC)[Replie]
(in Inglis) "Cried X, Y an aa" is a better translation, yeah. Kent and Cried can both be used. Afaik, "Also" is not a Scots word, you have people saying "Alsae/Alswa", but that's an Anglicisation, and doesn't appear on DSL or the Scottish Corpus (Though the latter is incomplete, so might not be totally accurate). "An aw" is the only term I know for sure meaning "Also/As well", and always goes at the end. You could also say "Kent an aw as X, Y, etc.". Hope that helps! -Cobra! (tauk) 20:54, 19 September 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

Ainimal stub[eedit soorce]

(en) Hello! Thanks for all your work tagging up animal species. Just to let you know, there is a specific animal stub you can add using: {{Stub/Ainimal}} - soothrhins (tauk) 08:04, 18 September 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

A barnstar for you![eedit soorce]

The Original Barnstar
Despite having little initial knowledge of this language, you have certainly morphed into an effective copy-editor! It's genuinely impressive how you have been able to take a single prevalent error (an aw) and just hammered at it practically every day for more than a month now! That work mean a lot to me, and so I just have to say: Thank you. –MJLTauk 06:09, 13 October 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

Yer uiserpage[eedit soorce]

I'm nae particularly fond of the way ye're singling out AG on yer userpage when there were several other Scotchers, including one who persisted after the revelations CiphriusKane (tauk) 11:38, 24 November 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

@CiphriusKane: sorry! I'll fix it. --Корсикэн-Уара (That's how you do fake Cyrillic properly and phonetically) 11:42, 24 November 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

"kent an aa"[eedit soorce]

By the way, "kent an aa" is as bad as "an aa kent", as "an aa" and its variants should be at the end of sentence fragments. Like here, the "an aa" should be shifted after "Elizabeth" to become "[...]kent as Yelisavet an Elizabeth an aa,[...]". Alternately, ye can replace "an aa" at the start with "forby(e)" ("kent forbye" and "forby kent" are as good as the other) and/or "awsla", though "awsla" is apparently dated CiphriusKane (tauk) 09:53, 26 November 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

@CiphriusKane: Sorry! It's just that Cobra 3000 said "kent an aw as X, Y" is acceptable. --Корсикэн-Уара (That's how you do fake Cyrillic properly and phonetically) 11:15, 26 November 2020 (UTC)[Replie]
I see...I'll have to trout him for that... or maybe I'll get trouted CiphriusKane (tauk) 15:11, 28 November 2020 (UTC)[Replie]

About keeng and ceety... [1] A lot of the apparent "Scotchings" are just dialectal differences being used indiscriminately and without context (veelage for example is used in Ayr but nae elsewhere from what I can tell). I'm bringing this up because yer userpage seems to be rather angry and has actual misinformation that could lead to legitimate Scots being labelled as Scotchings 11:01, 27 Januar 2021 (UTC)

@CiphriusKane: Sorry, I'm just quite passionate. But if these are dialectal differences and not "standard Scots" (is there such a thing?), surely they shouldn't be in widespread use on Wikipedia? I'll fix my userpage.--Корсикэн-Уара (That's how you do fake Cyrillic properly and phonetically) 11:23, 27 Januar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]
First, there's nae such thing as "standard Scots", though there are discussions about standardising it. Secondly, I can understand passion, but it's being presented in such a way that could be seen as aggressive/intimidating, and that could turn off potential editors or prevent the Scotchers from returning to help fix their mistakes (which is something I'd actually like to see). Also, my understanding of what's happening is local articles get the local dialect, so Doric words shidnae be appearing in Glasgow-related articles, nor should WC words be in North-East articles. Non-Scotland articles I'd say should get the WC dialect. Does this all make sense? If ye're interested, I can link a few resources for identifying Scots words, and there's also a Discord server that we use if ye'd like to join CiphriusKane (tauk) 01:03, 28 Januar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]
@CiphriusKane: OK, I understand now. For example, I have observed that articles about Shetland Islands culture (e.g. Up Helly Aa) are written in the Shetland dialect of Scots and that there's a warning about it not being in WC. I'll be focusing on non-Scotland articles for now to avoid running into too much trouble.--Корсикэн-Уара (That's how you do fake Cyrillic properly and phonetically) 09:15, 28 Januar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

(in Inglis) Thanks for taking part in the January editathon![eedit soorce]

Just as it says above - thanks for taking part. You can see the results of January's event here, I reckon we did pretty well. Hope to see you at the next one! Sara Thomas (WMUK) (tauk) 18:09, 3 Februar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

Animal edits and attribution[eedit soorce]

Hey, thanks for building up the animal pages. There's a bit of a problem with attribution though, as ye're failing to provide links to the actual page (links are required, just saying ye got it from en.wiki isna enough). This makes the edits a copyright violation, but it's easily solved. Just null edit the pages and put a link to the originating pages in the edit summary (such as "Content taken from [[:en:Pagename]]" or copypaste the original article's latest revision URL). There's also {{Translatit page}} that can be placed on talk pages to provide the link CiphriusKane (tauk) 10:12, 5 Februar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

Hello Corsicanwarrah, thanks for all the hard work you put into the wiki! A few comments about your edits to the above pages, though:

  1. Please don't "move" or "redirect" pages by copying the contents from one page to another. The CC-BY-SA licence under which content here is licensed requires the edit history of page to remain intact. In order to comply with the licence, please use the "muive" function which you can find in the "More" tab next to the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. When you change the title of the page, please also adapt the page contents to the new title.

I undid the changes to Falkland Islands and nominated Fauklan Isles for deletion. After an admin took care of that we can move the page properly. Keep up the good work. Best, Lacey (tauk) 23:18, 13 Februar 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

Mairch editathon[eedit soorce]

(in Inglis)Just a wee reminder that the next scots wiki editathon takes place this weekend, Sat 20 & Sun 11 march, we'll be looking at Scots & Irish media & art. If you'd like help improving your written scots skills, or just want to come and edit socially, then myself and folks from the Scots Language Centre will be on Zoom on Saturday (12:00-14:00 GMT) and Sunday (12:00-14:00 GMT) to do some collaborative editing, and I'll be around to help with any wiki queries. More info, article lists, and dashboard sign up details on the event page: Wikipedia:Scots Wikipedia Editathon Mairch 2021 Sara Thomas (WMUK) (tauk) 15:30, 19 Mairch 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

Something you may find useful[eedit soorce]

https://chrisgilmour.co.uk/scots/search.php A searchable database of texts and tweets to compare how common certain words are in contemporary Scots, in case you're ever unsure how something should be spelled or used. If a word uses a ee spelling where it may use an i or a y in English, it may still be a valid spelling, or it may be more common in varieties such as ei or ie (such as this example), although it only shows snippets of entries rather than the full entry CiphriusKane (tauk) 11:16, 3 Apryle 2021 (UTC)[Replie]

(in Inglis) Next Editathon[eedit soorce]

Heya, heads up that the next Editathon will take place this weekend (5 & 6 June), we're looking at Scots in STEM as a starting point. More info on the event page here. Hope to see ou at the Zoom sessions! Sara Thomas (WMUK) (tauk) 13:10, 3 Juin 2021 (UTC)[Replie]