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en-4 This user speaks English at a near-native level.
sco-0 This uiser disna ken the wey tae spick Scots.
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Sairch uiser leids
Edit-clear.svgMa mither tongue isnae Scots. A'm sairie fur ony mistaks a mak. Please mend ony thit ye find.

I don't speak Scots. But I know that "an aa/aw" comes after the list of alternatives, not before. And that it's not "pheesicist", "seestem" or "photoseenthesis".

I'm editing here, fixing those incidences, because I'm concerned about the image of Scots, especially now that the Scots Wikipedia, which has the potential to be a great Scots resource, is flooded with Scotched English. Scots is not Scottish English written with a Scottish accent!

Ongoing tasks[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • tagging articles with "Fix Scots" and "stub" where necessary
  • "an aa kent as X, Y" --> "forby kent as X, Y", "kent as X, Y an aa" or "cried X, Y an aa"
  • pheesics, pheesical, pheesicist --> physics, physical, physicist
  • Adding text from en.wiki to one-sentence articles about animals, changing some words to Scots (but hopefully not in the haphazard way many Scotchers are doing) hopefully providing a template for translation by Scots speakers
  • using my growing, but still limited, knowledge of Scots vocabulary and grammar to spot-fix articles, again focusing on animals
  • some (very simple) translations being done, replacing articles created by AG; my handling of Scots words and grammar seems to be improving