Wikipedia:Lessons (Stairt an airticle)

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Hou tae stairt a new airticle

For tae stairt an airticle aw ye need dae is write the name o the airticle in the rake kistie tae the left. Syne sneck the Gang button. Gin that airticle isna thare ye hae the option o shapin it.

Mynd anither body micht hae stairtit an airticle anent the selsame maiter sae ye micht need tae guddle aboot wi twa-three weys o pittin it. Ye can hae a leuk in amang a list o aw airticles for tae see gin ye can find whit ye're efter.

Anither wey o stairtin an airticle, athin an exeestin airticle ye're editin, is tae mak an airtin wi the name o the new airticle [[New airticle]] like this. Syne hain the edit, sneck on the reid airtin an stairt tae write the New airticle. Siclike can be duin in the Saundpit an aw.

Gin ye are interestit in writin airticles we bid ye hae a read o wir page anent writin Scots.

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