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Aw o Wikipedia's offeecial policies an guidelines can be reduced tae thir five pillars that define Wikipedia's character:

BluePillar.png Wikipedia is an encyclopedia incorporating elements o general encyclopedias, specialised encyclopedias, an almanacs. Aw articles must follae oor nae original research policy an strive fur accuracy; Wikipedia isnae the nook tae spurt personal blether, experiences, or argie-bargie. As well, Wikipedia isnae an indiscriminate collection o information. Wikipedia is nae a trivia collection, a soapbox, a vanity publisher, an experiment in anarchy or democracy, or a wab directory. Nor is Wikipedia a dictionary, a newspaper, or a collection 'o soorce documents; thir kinds o content should be contreibutit tae the sister projects, Wiktionary, Wikinews, an Wikisource, respectively.
GreenPillar.png Wikipedia haes a neutral pynt o view, which means we head fur articles that advocate no single pynt o view. While this requires representin multiple pynts 'o view; presentin each pynt o view accurately; providin context for ony gien pynt o view, sae that readers understand whose view the pynt represents; an presenting no ane pynt o view as "the truth" or "the best view". It means citing verifiable, authoritative soorces whenever possible, especially on controversial topics. When a conflict arises as tae which version is the maist neutral, declare a cuil-doun period an tag the article as disputed; hammer oot details on the talk page an follae dispute resolution.
YellowPillar.png Wikipedia is free content that anyone mey edit. Aw text is available unner the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) an mey be distributed or linked accordingly. Recognize that articles can be changed bi anyone an no individual controls ony specific article; therefore, ony writing you contribute can be mercilessly edited an redistributed at will bi the community. Do nae submit copyright infringements or works licensed in a wey incompatible wi the GFDL.
OrangePillar.png Wikipedia haes a code o conduct: Respect your fellae Wikipedians even when you mey nae agree wi them. Be civil. Avoid makin' personal attacks or sweepin generalizations. Stay cuil when the editing gets het; avoid edit wars bi follaein the three-revert rule; remember that thare ur 57,779 articles on the Inglis Wikipedia tae work on an discuss. Act in good faith, dinna disrupt Wikipedia tae illustrate a pynt, an assume good faith on the pairt o others. Be open an welcomin.
RedPillar.png Wikipedia daes nae hae firm rules besides the five general principles elucidated here. Be bold in editing, muivin, an modifying articles, acause the joy 'o editing is that awtho it should be aimed fur, perfection isnae required. And dinnae worry aboot mess'n up 'n at. Aw prior versions 'o articles are kept, sae thare is nae wey that you can accidentally damage Wikipedia or irretrievably destroy content. But caw canny — whatever you write here will be preserved for posterity.

Note[eedit soorce]

This page describes Wikipedia's fundamental principles. Thir principles predate the creation 'o this page. It is whiles said that aw or maist policy is based upon this page, but maist policy an aa predates the creation o this page.