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Fauklan Isles

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Falkland Islands

Banner o Fauklan Isles
Coat o airms o Fauklan Isles
Coat o airms
Location o the Fauklan Isles
Location o the Fauklan Isles
StatusBreetish Owerseas Territory
51°42′S 57°51′W / 51.700°S 57.850°W / -51.700; -57.850
Lairgest lairgest dounsetcapital
Offeecial leidsInglis
Demonym(s)Falkland Islander
GovrenmentPairlamentar dependency unner a constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Charles III
• Govrenor
Colin Roberts
Keith Padgett
• UK meenister responsible
Hugo Swire MP
LegislaturLegislative Assembly
• Total
12,200 km2 (4,700 sq mi) (162nt)
• Water (%)
• 2012 estimate
2,932[1] (220t)
• Density
0.26[1]/km2 (0.7/sq mi) (241st)
GDP (PPP)2007 estimate
• Total
$164.5 million[2] (222nt)
• Per capita
$55,400[2] (10t)
Gini (2010)34.17[3]
medium · 64t
HDI (2010)0.874[4]
verra heich · 20th
CurrencyFauklans poond[b] (FKP)
Time zoneUTC−3 (FKST[c])
Drivin sideleft
Cawin code+500
ISO 3166 codeFK
Internet TLD.fk
  1. ^ "Song of the Falklands" is uised as the islands' anthem at sportin events.
  2. ^ Fixed tae the poond sterling (GBP).
  3. ^ The Fauklan Isles haes been on FKST year-roond syne September 2010.[5]

The Fauklan Isles (Inglis: Falkland Islands; Spaingie: Islas Malvinas [malˈβinas]) are a airchipelago in the Sooth Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonie Shelf. The principal islands are aboot 300 mile (480 km) east o Sooth Americae's soothren Patagonie coast, at a latitude o aboot 52°S. The airchipelago, wi a area o 4,700 square mile (12,000 km2), comprises East Falkland, West Falkland and 776 smaller islands. As a Breetish overseas territory, the Fauklan Isles hae internal sel-govrenance, an the Unitit Kinrick taks responsibility for their defence an foreign affairs. The islands' caipital is Stanley on East Falkland.

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Coordinates: 51°41′S 59°10′W / 51.683°S 59.167°W / -51.683; -59.167