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Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla Limousine Hybrid Genf 2019 1Y7A5576.jpg
2019 Toyota Corolla
Kanto Auto Wirks[1]
Body and chassis
ClessSubcompact (1966–1987)
Compact (1988–present)
PredecessorToyota Publica

The Toyota Corolla is a line of subcompact an compact cars manufactured bi the Japanese automaker Toyota, which haes acome vera popular throughoot the warld syne the nameplate wis first introducit in 1966. In 1997, the Corolla became the best sellin nameplate in the warld, wi ower 40 million sauld as o 2007, surpassin the Volkswagen Beetle.[2] Ower the past 40 years, ane Corolla caur haes been sauld on average ivery 40 seiconts.[3] The series haes unnergane several major redesigns.

The name Corolla is pairt o Toyota's namin tradeetion o uisin the name Crown for primary models: the Corona, for example, gets its name frae the Laitin for croun; Corolla is Laitin for sma croun; an Camry is an Anglicizit pronunciation o the Japanese for croun, kanmuri.

Corollas are manufactured in Japan an in Brazil (Indaiatuba, São Paulo), Canadae (Cambridge, Ontario), Cheenae (Tianjin), Indie (Bangalore), Indonesie, Malaysie, Pakistan, Philippines, Sooth Africae (Durban), Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey an Venezuela. Production haes previously been made in Australie (Victoria) an the Unitit Kinrick (Derbyshire). Production in the Unitit States (Fremont, Californie) endit in Mairch 2010.[4]

The Corolla's chassis designation code is "E", as describit in Toyota's chassis an ingine codes.

Early models wur maistly rear-wheel drive, later models wur maistly front-wheel drive an some models wur fower-wheel drive.

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