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Sooth Kazakhstan Region

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Sooth Kazakhstan Province

Оңтүстік Қазақстан облысы
Южно-Казахстанская область
Coat of airms o Sooth Kazakhstan Province
Coat airms
Map o Kazakhstan, location o Sooth Kazakhstan Province heichlichtit
Map o Kazakhstan, location o Sooth Kazakhstan Province heichlichtit
Coordinates: 43°00′N 068°30′E / 43.000°N 68.500°E / 43.000; 68.500
Kintra Kazakhstan
 • AkimAskar Isabekovich Myrzakhmetov
 • Total117300 km2 (45,300 sq mi)
 • Total2,282,500
 • Density19/km2 (50/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (East)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+6 (no observit)
Postal codes
Aurie codes+7 (725)
ISO 3166 codeKZ-ZHA
Vehicle registrationX

Sooth Kazakhstan Province (Kazakh: [Оңтүстік Қазақстан облысы, Oñtüstik Qazaqstan oblısı] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)) is the soothmaist province o Kazakhstan, wi a population o 2,282,500 fowk. Its caipital is Shymkent, wi 539,600 fowk. Ither ceeties in Sooth Kazakhstan include Turkestan, Sayram, Kentau, Arys, Shardara, Jetysu, Saryag'ash an Lenger. This province an Atyrau Province are Kazakhstan's twa smawest provinces; baith are aboot 117,300 square kilometers in aurie.

The Syr Darya passes throu the province, on its wey tae the Aral Sea. An aw, an ile pipeline runs frae Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan tae Omsk, Roushie (whaur it connects wi a lairger, Siberie pipeline) throu Sooth Kazakhstan. ile, lead an zinc are refined in Shymkent.


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The Sooth Kazakhstan Province is the maist densely populatit o Kazakhstan's mony regions. This derives frae the oblast's gentler climate, better irrigation infrastructure, an proximity tae historical population centers sic as Uzbekistan's Tashkent an the Silk Road ceeties o Samarkand an Bukhara. Sooth Kazakhstan is the fastest growin o aw the province o Kazakhstan an aw, due tae twa main factors. Ane is the birthrate amang traditional Kazakh an Uzbek faimilies, whare faimilies o five tae aicht childer are commonplace. The ither is the exodus o cheap migrant labor frae northren Uzbekistan. Thir migrant wirkers whiles acome full-fledgit immigrants, an if thay are ethnic Kazakhs this process is easily green-lichtit throu local govrenments for an (unacknowledgit an unner-the-table) fee.

As sic, Sooth Kazakhstan Province is the anerlie province wi a demographic breakdoun whare ethnic Roushies are no in the first or seicont maist populous categories. Census results are auld an made uisin Soviet methods that servit propaganda ower accuracy, but thay still pynt tae Kazakhs bein the maist populous, closely follaeed bi Uzbeks, wi Roushies bringin in a distant third.

The population o Sooth Kazakhstan, despite obvious numerical prevalence o Kazakhs (which haes considerably amplifee'd frae the beginnin 1990 an nou the share o Kazakhs in the population maks an order o 72 %), differs a considerable ethnoleid variety. Sae in the aurie population it is tradeetionally wide (aboot 18 % o aw population) the Uzbeks makin a considerable pairt o the population o some ceeties an auries o aurie are presented (tae Sauries, Turkestan, Aksukent, Ikan), live Roushie (basically in the ceety o Shymkent tho thair share wis considerably reduced for last 20 years frae mair nor 23 % in 1980 tae nearbi 6 % nou), Tadjiks, Koreans, Kurds live an aw. Are extendit Kazakh, Roushie (includin as means o internaitional dialogue) an Uzbek leids.


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Historically speakin, Sooth Kazakhstan Province is hame tae Kazakhstan's auldest an greatest marvels. Twa thoosan years ago it wis pairt o the northren border o the Persie Empire. It awes its lang history o habitation tae a mixin o Persie cultur an science wi the native Turkic/Mongol tribal clans. Sooth Kazakhstan Province wis pairt o the Satrap o Sogdiana.

Some places o historical interest include the ceeties o Turkestan, Otrar an Sayram. Sayram wis the birthplace o Khoja Akhmet Yassawi (1103–66), a great Sufic scholar an author that livit an wirkit throughoot Central Asie. He is entombit in a mausoleum complex that staunds in present-day Turkestan, an which haes been namit a Warld Heritage Steid bi UNESCO. It wis commissioned bi Amir Temur (Tamerlane) tae increase his staundin amang the aurie. The mausoleum wis biggit bi Persie masters, tho it wis left unfeenished wi the daith o Tamerlane. The oreeginal scaffauldin that wad hae been uised tae apply the colored-tile still protrudes frae the front entrance.


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