Jizzax Province

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Jizzax Province (Uzbek: Jizzax viloyati / Жиззах вилояти) is a viloyat (province) o Uzbekistan locatit in the centre o the kintra. It borders wi Tajikstan tae the sooth an sooth-east, Samarqand Province tae the wast, Navoiy Province tae the north-wast, Kazakhstan tae the north, an Sirdaryo Province tae the east. It covers an aurie o 20,500 km². The population is estimatit tae be aroond 910,500, wi some 80% livin in rural auries.

The provincial caipital is Jizzakh (pop est 127,500 indwallers). Ither major touns include Dustlik, Gagarin, Gallyaaral (Gallaorol), Pakhtakor, an Mardjanbulak. Jizzax Province wis umwhile a pairt o Sirdaryo Province but wis gien separate status in 1973.

The climate is a teepically continental climate, wi mild winters an het, dry simmers.

The economy o Jizzax Province is primarily based on agricultur. Cotton an wheat are the main craps, an extensive irrigation is uised. Naitural resoorces include leid, zinc, airn, an limestane.

The province haes a well-developit transportation infrastructur, wi ower 2500 km o surfacit roads.

The bonnie Zaamin Naitional Pairk, umwhile Guralash Preserve, on the wastren slopes o the Turkestan Range an kent for its unique fauna an flora, is athin the province an aw.

Wildlife is extremely rich here; in spring an in simmer alpine meadaes are gray wi multitude o colors, bricht-reid tulips an snaw-white acacias. In hairst the hills thay are magnificently decoratit wi the gowden domes o the hazelnut trees, columns o birch-trees, touerin plane trees, an green rones. Heich in the muntains, in the upper pairt o the Garalashsay gorge, is a nestin-place o black storks. Thir rare birds are the pride an joy o Uzbekistan. Thay are written doun in the "Redbooks" in mony kintras as an endangered species. Early in the ware whan the Amasay Depression is fluidit, flocks o deuks, wild geese, pelicans an grey herons come here. This territory sers as a nestin place for rose-coloured starlins, shrikes, an sandpipers.

Destricts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Diveesion o Jizzakh Province intae tumans (destricts)

The province is dividit intae 12 destricts (tumans):

Key Destrict name Destrict caipital
1 Arnasay Goliblar
2 Bakhmal Usmat
3 Gallaorol Gallorol
4 Jizzakh Uchtepa
5 Dustlik Dustlik
6 Zaamin Zaamin
7 Zarbdar Zarbdar
8 Zafarobod Zafarobod
9 Mirzachul Gagarin
10 Pakhtakor Pakhtakor
11 Forish Yangikishlok
12 Yangiabad Balandchakir

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