Samarqand Province

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Samarqand Province (Samarkand Province) (Uzbek: Samarqand viloyati) is a viloyat (province) o Uzbekistan locatit in the centre o the kintra in the basin o Zarafshan River. It borders wi Tajikstan, Navoiy Province, Jizzakh Province an Qashqadaryo Province. It covers an aurie o 16,400 km². The population is estimatit tae be aroond 2,322,000, wi some 75% livin in rural auries.

Samarqand Province wis established on 15 Januar 1938,[1] an is dividit intae 14 admeenistrative destricts.[2] The caipital is Samarqand (pop est 368,000 indwallers). Ither major touns include Bulung‘ur, Juma, Ishtixon, Kattaqo‘rg‘on, Urgut, an Oqtosh.

The climate is a teepically arid continental climate.

At the entrance tae the Samarqand Province frae the Qashqadaryo Province

Samarkand is the 2nt lairgest centre for economy, science, an cultur in Uzbekistan, efter Tashkent. The Institute o Archeology at the Academy o Sciences o the Republic o Uzbekistan is based at Samarqand. The Province's UNESCO Warld Heritage Site airchitectural monuments are warld famous, an mak Samarkand the lairgest centre for internaitional tourism in the kintra.

Samarqand Province an aa haes significant naitural resoorces, includin construction materials sic as marble, granite, limestane, carbonate, an chalk. The Province's major agricultural activities are cotton an cereal growin, winemakin an sericultur. In terms o industry, metal processin (spare pairts for automobiles an combines), fuid processin, textiles, an ceramics industries are the maist active in the aurie.

The province haes a well-developed transport infrastructur, wi ower 400 km o railways an 4100 km o surfaced roads. The telecommunication infrastructur is an aa well developed.

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Destricts o Samarqand
Destrict name Destrict caipital
1 Bulungur Destrict Bulungur
2 Ishtikhon Destrict Ishtikhon
3 Jomboy Destrict Jomboy
4 Kattakurgan Destrict Paishanba
5 Koshrabot Destrict Koshrabot
6 Narpay Destrict Oqtosh
7 Nurobod Destrict Nurobod
8 Oqdarya Destrict Laish
9 Pakhtachi Destrict Ziadin
10 Payariq Destrict Payariq
11 Pastdargom Destrict Juma
12 Samarqand Destrict Gulabad
13 Toyloq Destrict Toyloq
14 Urgut Destrict Urgut

Laitinization o destrict names accordin tae Samarqand regional web site on Archived 2007-07-12 at the Wayback Machine

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