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Sacaba is located in Bolivie
Location athin Bolivie
Coordinates: 17°24′15″S 66°02′27″W / 17.40417°S 66.04083°W / -17.40417; -66.04083
Kintra Bolivie
DepairtmentCochabamba Depairtment
ProvinceChapare Province
MunicipalitySacaba Municipality
CantonSacaba Canton
Foondit29 Juin 1761
2719 m (8,921 ft)
 • Total107,628
Postal code
Area code(s)+591 4

Sacaba is the caipital o the Bolivie province o Chapare. The ceety, locatit 13 kilometers eastwaird frae Cochabamba, is the seicont lairgest ceety in the Cochabamba Depairtment efter Cochabamba ceety. Post-colonial airchitectur mey be seen in the inner pairt o Sacaba; houiver, some haes been destroyed due tae lack o municipal care.

Sacaba wis the steid o anti-coca eradication riots in 2002, which caused the remuival o Evo Morales, leader o the cocalero muivement an the MAS, frae his seat in the Bolivie congress. Morales opponit the closin o a coca mercat in Sacaba, an ensuin protests involved the daith o several fowk on baith sides.


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Cairt showin the location o Sacaba

At the time o census 2001 Sacaba haed 92,581 residents.[2] Due tae the lack o space in Cochabamba ceety's boondars, several new urbanization complexes hae been biggit athin the 13 kilometers that separate Sacaba frae Cochabamba ceety. Mony o thir residential complexes hae been constructit for employees frae enterprises based in the ceety.


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The wather in Sacaba is temperate, wi a climate seemilar tae Cochabamba ceety. Durin winter, temperaturs range frae 1 °C tae 24 °C an rainfaw is rare. Durin simmer time, temperaturs range frae 10 °C tae 19 °C wi hivy precipitation.


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Sacaba is a culinar caipital in Cochabamba, famous for its delicacies sic as cuy an ither gastronomical afferings. Several restaurants can be foond on the ceety's streets. Sacaba is famous for its mony chicherias an aw, which produce chicha or corn beer, leadin tae the description 'Sacaba - donde la chicha nunca se acaba' or 'Sacaba, whaur the chicha niver runs oot'.

Maist residents o Sacaba wirk in Cochabamba ceety. Local industries include raw fuid, cereal production, shae factories, amang ithers. Colonial biggins, public mercats an ither attractions are appealin tae tourists an aw.


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Coordinates: 17°24′15″S 66°02′27″W / 17.40417°S 66.04083°W / -17.40417; -66.04083