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Vacas, Cochabamba

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Panoramic view o Vacas as seen frae Calvario de la Virgen Santa Bárbara
Panoramic view o Vacas as seen frae Calvario de la Virgen Santa Bárbara
Vacas is located in Bolivie
Coordinates: 17°34′26″S 65°34′46″W / 17.57389°S 65.57944°W / -17.57389; -65.57944
Kintra Bolivie
DepartamentCochabamba Depairtment
ProvinceArani Province
MunicipalityVacas Municipality
 • MayorTeófilo Vásquez Santos
3475 m (11,401 ft)
 • Total650
Time zoneUTC-4 (EST)
Area code(s)00 591 4

Vacas (Quechua name: Wak'as, derivin frae Wak'a) is a Bolivie veelage in the sootheast o the Cochabamba Depairtment. It is the caipital o the Vacas Municipality, the seicont municipal section o the Arani Province. Vacas is locatit aboot 85 km far frae Cochabamba an aboot 30 km far frae Arani.

The fowk livin in Vacas an surroondin auries are predominantly indigenous citizens o Quechuan strynd. Durin the Inka period Vacas servit as a tampu alang the Inca road seestem that led tae Inkallajta an Pocona. Later on, durin the colonial period, it wis foondit unner the name o "Santa Bárbara de Bacas".

Vacas is situatit in a landwart environment in the altitudes o the Cono Sur (Sooth cone) o Cochabamba. The climate is suitable for the cultivation o potatoes, wheat, barley, broad bean an oat. Vacas is kent as the "Laund o the potato" (Quechua: Papaq llaqtan, Spaingie: La patria de la papa). The fields are prepared wi the help o yokes o oxen. The cultivation o the soil is supplementit bi animal husbandry o cows, sheep, pigs an hens.

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pupils o the Escuela Unidad Experimental in Vacas durin the parade o August 6

As tae education aw teeps o schuils are available in or next tae Vacas.

  • Preschuil education: Guardería Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.
  • Primar schuil: Escuela Unidad Experimental, foondit in 1862
  • Secondar schuil: Colegio Profesor Toribio Claure
  • Heicher education: Ismael Montes Teacher Training College (Escuela Superior de Formación de Maestros "Ismael Montes" or ESFM "Ismael Montes") (in Challwa Mayu)

Festivities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Saunt Barbara kirk

Fairs[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Aprile: Fish, potato an crafts fair

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