Villa Tunari Municipality

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Villa Tunari Municipality
Villa Tunari
Villa Tunari
Bolivia Villa Tunari Municipio Locator.png
Coordinates: 16°50′S 65°40′W / 16.833°S 65.667°W / -16.833; -65.667
Kintra  Bolivie
Depairtment Cochabamba Depairtment
Province Chapare Province
Recognizit (municipal section) 4 Juin 1970
Seat Villa Tunari
Population (2012)
 • Tot 71,146
 • Ethnicities Quechuas
Time zone -4 (UTC-4)

Villa Tunari Municipality is the third municipal section o the Chapare Province in the Cochabamba Depairtment, Bolivie. Its seat is Villa Tunari. The population grew frae 52,886 tae 71,146 durin 2001 tae 2012 accordin tae the census. Anerly 8,692 o the population are urban an are concentratit in the smaw touns o Villa Tunari (3.213), Eterazama (3,359) an Villa 14 the Septiembre (2,123). The municipality is famous for tourist especially the Villa Tunari toun whaur the tourist industry is concentratit wi infrastructur, an acause o the closeness o the Machia Pairk an aw.

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Coordinates: 16°50′S 65°40′W / 16.833°S 65.667°W / -16.833; -65.667