Arani, Bolivie

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Nickname(s): The Windy Ceety, The Bread Ceety
Arani is located in Bolivia
Location in Bolivie
Coordinates: 17°34′S 65°46′W / 17.567°S 65.767°W / -17.567; -65.767
Kintra Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivie
Depairtment Cochabamba Depairtment
Province Arani Province
Municipality Arani Municipality
Canton Arani Canton
Elevation 9,400 ft (2,865 m)
Population (2001)
 • Tot 3,512

Arani (frae Quechua: jarani or jallmani) is the caipital o Arani Province an Arani Municipality locatit in Cochabamba Depairtment in the center o Bolivie at an altitude o 9,400 ft (2,865 m). At the time o census 2001 it haed 3,512 inhabitants.[1]

Arani is well kent for its bread due tae the traditional uise o multiple types o flour for makkin the bread. Bread is sauld in various tiendas alang the main streets leadin tae the plaza principal, an alang the major heich-gate that leads Arani tae the ceety o Cochabamba. Thare is a bread festival held each year tae celebrate Arani's bread. In 2008, the average price o ane servin o bread wis 1 boliviano. Ither specialty breads that includit toppins o jalapeños an cheese wur 1.50 bolivianos.

During the months of November through early December, the rainy season sets in and heavy rainfall is expected. Due to Arani's geographical location set in the valleys, the winds of Arani sometimes cause the heavy rainfalls to be difficult to navigate through.[2]

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Coordinates: 17°34′S 65°46′W / 17.567°S 65.767°W / -17.567; -65.767