Toco Municipality

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Toco Municipality
Toco Municipality is locatit in Bolivia
Toco Municipality
Toco Municipality
Location athin Bolivie
Coordinates: 17°40′S 65°55′W / 17.667°S 65.917°W / -17.667; -65.917
Kintra  Bolivie
Depairtment Cochabamba Depairtment
Province Germán Jordán Province
Seat Toco
 • Mayor Guillermo Rios Ovando (2007)
 • Preses Rogelio Fernández Luján (2007)
Population (2001)
 • Tot 6,705
 • Ethnicities Quechuas
Time zone -4 (UTC-4)

Toco Municipality (an aw Toko Municipality) is the seicont municipal section o the Germán Jordán Province in the Cochabamba Depairtment, Bolivie. Its seat is Toco.

The municipality consists o anerlie ane canton, Toco Canton (or Toko Canton). It is identical tae the municipality.

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