Prince William, Prince o Wales

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Prince William, Duke o Rothsay
Prince o Wales; Duke o Rothesay
Prince William in Juin 2021
Born (1982-06-21) 21 Juin 1982 (age 41)
St Mary's Hospital, Lunnon
SpouseCatherine, Duchess o Rothesay
(m. 2011)
IssuePrince George o Wales
Princess Charlotte o Wales
Prince Louis o Wales
Full name
William Arthur Philip Louis[fn 1]
HooseHoose o Windsor
FaitherCharles III
MitherDiana, Princess o Wales
ReleegionKirk o Ingland

Prince William, Duke o Rothsay KG KT ADC(P) (William Arthur Philip Louis;[fn 1] born 21 Juin 1982), is the elder son o Charles III an his first wife, Diana, Princess o Wales. His paternal grandparents are Queen Elizabeth II an Prince Philip, Duke o Edinburgh. He is in line tae succeed his faither.

Prince William wis educatit at fower schuils in the Unitit Kinrick an obtained a degree frae the Varsity o St Andrews. He spent pairts o a gap year in Chile, Belize, Tanzania, an Kenyae, whaur he haes lived an holidayed several times. Prince William haes an aa taken Kiswahili studies at varsities in Kenyae an Tanzanie. He an aa completit trainin as an afficer (eventually bein commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Blues an Ryals Regiment), an a pilot (earnin his wings bi completin pilot trainin at Ryal Air Force College Cranwell) in the Breetish militar. He then unnerwent helicopter flyin trainin in order tae acome a full-time pilot wi the Search an Rescue Force.

Prince William mairit Catherine Middleton, on 29 Aprile 2011 at Westminster Abbey. Oors prior tae the event, he wis creatit Duke o Cambridge, Earl o Strathearn, an Baron Carrickfergus. Thair first bairn, Prince George o Cambridge, wis born on 22 Julie 2013, an thair seicont, Princess Charlotte o Cambridge, wis born on 2 Mey 2015. A thrid bairn, Prince Louis o Cambridge, wis born on Saunt George's Day, 23 Aprile 2018.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. a b As a member o the Ryal Faimily entitled tae be cried His Ryal Heichness, William formally haes na surname. When ane is uised, it is Mountbatten-Windsor. In his militar career, William uises the surname Wales.[1] Accordin tae letters patent o Februar 1960, his hoose an faimily name is Windsor. The middle name Louis is pronoonced /ˈl.i/.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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