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Prince Andrew, Duke o York

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Prince Andrew, Duke o York
member of the House of Lords (en) Owerset

Counsellor of State (en) Owerset

Februar 19, 1981 -
Duke o York

Julie 23, 1986 -
Special Representative for International Trade and Investment (en) Owerset

2001 - 2011
Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (en) Owerset

2007 -
Personal details
Birth nameAndrew Albert Christian Edward
BirthBuckingham Palace Februar 19, 1960
ResidenceRoyal Lodge (en) Owerset
Sunninghill Park (en) Owerset
Native leidBreetish Inglis
FaitherPrince Philip, Duke o Edinburgh
MitherElizabeth II
SpouseSarah, Duchess of York (en) Owerset  (Julie 23, 1986 -  Mey 30, 1996)
PartnerKoo Stark (en) Owerset
BairnsPrincess Beatrice of York (en) Owerset
Princess Eugenie of York (en) Owerset
Brithers & sistersThe Prince Charles, Duke o Rothesay
Princess Anne, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom (en) Owerset
Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh (en) Owerset
FaimilieHoose o Windsor
EddicationBritannia Royal Naval College (en) Owerset
Heatherdown Preparatory School (en) Owerset
Gordonstoun (en) Owerset
(September 1973 -
Lakefield College School (en) Owerset
(Januar 1977 - Juin 1977)
Leids spokenInglis
Thrifthelicopter pilot (en) Owerset, naval officer (en) Owerset, politeecianan aristocrat (en) Owerset
Member oRoyal Society (en) Owerset
Worshipful Company of Shipwrights (en) Owerset
The Scout Association (en) Owerset
Militar service
Militar branchRyal Navy
Rankvice admiral (en) Owerset
ConflictFalklands War (en) Owerset
ReeligionKirk o England

Prince Andrew, Duke o York KG GCVO ADC(P) (Andrew Albert Christian Edward; born 19 Februar 1960), is a Breetish prince, the seicont son, an third bairn o Queen Elizabeth II an Prince Philip, Duke o Edinburgh. At the time o his birth, he wis seicont in the line o succession tae the Breetish throne; as o October 2020, he is aicht in line.

He hauds the rank o commander an the honourar rank o vice admiral in the Ryal Navy,[1] in that he served as an active-duty helicopter pilot an instructor an as the caiptain o a warship. He saw active service in the Falklands War, fleein on multiple missions includin anti-surface warfare, Exocet missile decoy, an casualty evacuation.[2]

In 1986, Prince Andrew mairied Sarah Ferguson; the couple's mairiage, separation an eventual divorce in 1996 attractit a heich level o media coverage.[3] As weel as cairyin oot various offeecial engagements, he served as Breetain's Special Representative for Internaitional Trede an Investment till Julie 2011.[4]

In November 2019, Prince Andrew wis interviewed for the BBC TV programme Newsnight on 16 November 2019. The interviewer, Emily Maitlis, spak anent the Prince's friendship wi convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein afore he wis deid an allegations o sexual abuse again Prince Andrew. The interview wis awfu for Prince Andrew an the British ryal familie, as maist fowk thit saw the interview thocht the Prince wisnae sympathetic tae Epstein's victims.[5][6] As o 20 November, he has nae official ryal duties.[7]

In Juin 2020 it becam kent that Andrew is a person of interest in a criminal investigation in the Unitit States, an that the U.S. haed filed a mutual legal assistance request tae British authorities in order tae question Andrew.[8][9]

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