Jeffrey Epstein

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Jeffrey Epstein
Epstein's 2013 mugshot
BornJeffrey Edward Epstein
20 Januar 1953(1953-01-20)
Brooklyn, New York Ceety, New York, U.S.
Dee'd10 August 2019(2019-08-10) (aged 66)
Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York Ceety, U.S.
Cause o daith
Hangin or strangulation (disputit)
ResidenceNew York Ceety
Palm Beach, Florida
Stanley, New Mexico
Paris, Fraunce
U.S. Virgin Islands
EddicationCooper Union
(na degree)
New York Varsity
(na degree)
Awner, Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation
Criminal charge
Sex offender, Sex traffeckin
Criminal penalty
13 months wi wirk release (2008)

Jeffrey Edward Epstein (/ˈɛpstn/ EP-steen;[1] 20 Januar 1953 – 10 August 2019) wis an American financier an convictit sex offender.[2][3]

Epstein wis arrestit twice, last on 6 Julie 2019 on federal chairges for the sex traffickin o minors in Florida an New York.[4][5] He dee'd in his jyle cell on 10 August 2019.[6]

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