Prince Philip, Duke o Edinburgh

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Prince Philip
Duke o Edinburgh (mair)
Prince Philip in 1992
Born10 Juin 1921(1921-06-10)
Mon Repos, Corfu, Greece
Dee'd9 Aprile 2021 (aged 99)
Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, Ingland
SpouseElizabeth II (m. 1947)
IssueCharles, Prince o Wales
Anne, Princess Ryal
Andrew, Duke o York
Edward, Earl o Wessex
Full name
Philip Mountbatten
HooseHoose o Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg[1]
FaitherPrince Andrew o Greece an Denmark
MitherPrincess Alice o Battenberg

Prince Philip, Duke o Edinburgh (born Prince Philip o Greece an Denmark[2] on 10 Juin 1921; deed 9 Aprile 2021)[fn 1] wis the husband o Queen Elizabeth II, an the langest-servit, langest-mairit and seicont-langest-livit ryal consort in Breetish histerie.

Philip wis born intae the Greek an Dens ryal faimilies. He wis born in Greece, but his faimily wis exiled frae the kintra whan he wis an infant. Efter bein eddicatit in Fraunce, Germany an the Unitit Kinrick, he jynt the Breetish Ryal Navy in 1939, aged 18. Frae July 1939, he begoud correspondin wi the 13-year-auld Princess Elizabeth, that he haed first met in 1934. In the Seicont Warld War he served wi distinction in the Mediterranean an Paceefic Fleets.

Efter the war, Philip wis grantit permission bi George VI tae mairy Elizabeth. Afore the offeecial announcement o thair engagement in July 1947, he abandoned his Greek an Dens ryal teetles an becam a naituralised Breetish subject, adoptin the surname Mountbatten frae his maternal grandpaurents. He mairied Elizabeth on 20 November 1947. Juist afore the waddin, he wis creatit Duke o Edinburgh, Yerl o Merioneth an Baron Greenwich. Philip left active militar service whan Elizabeth becam queen in 1952, haein reached the rank o commander, an wis formally made a Breetish prince in 1957.

Philip an Elizabeth hae fower childer: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew an Prince Edward. Throu a Breetish Order in Cooncil issued in 1960, descendants o the couple nae beirin ryal styles an teetles can uise the surname Mountbatten-Windsor, that haes an aw been uised bi some members o the ryal faimily that dae hauld teetles, such as Princess Anne an Princes Andrew an Edward.

A keen sports enthusiast, Philip helpit develop the equestrian event o cairiage drivin. He is a patron, preses or member o ower 780 organisations an serves as chairman o the Duke o Edinburgh's Awaird for fowk aged 14 tae 24.[4] He is the langest-servin consort o a ringin Breetish monarch an the auldest iver male member o the Breetish ryal faimily. Philip reteert frae his ryal duties on 2 August 2017, at the age o 96, haein completit 22,219 solo engagements syne 1952.

On 9 Aprile 2021, Buckingham Pailace propaled Prince Philip's daith, at the age o 99. He hae been hospitalisit the month afore.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 10 Juin 1921 – 28 Februar 1947 His Ryal Highness Prince Philip o Greece an Denmark.
  • 28 Februar 1947 – 19 November 1947 Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten
  • 19 November 1947 – 20 November 1947 His Ryal Highness Sir Philip Mountbatten.
  • 20 November 1947 – 22 Februar 1957 His Ryal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.
  • 22 Februar 1957 – present His Ryal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke o Edinburgh.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. He was born on 10 Juin 1921 accordin tae the Gregorian calendar. Till 1 Mairch 1923, Greece uised the Julian calendar, in which the date is 28 Mey 1921.[3]

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