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Marcus Claudius Tacitus

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45t Emperor o the Roman Empire
Bust o the Emperor Tacitus
Ring25 Septembe 275 – Juin 276
Bornca. 200
Interamna, Italia
Dee'dJuin 276 (aged 76)
Antoniana Colonia Tyana, Cappadocia
Full name
Marcus Claudius Tacitus (frae birth tae accession);
Caesar Marcus Claudius Tacitus Augustus (as emperor)

Tacitus (Laitin: Marcus Claudius Tacitus Augustus;[1][2] ca. 200 – Juin 276), wis Roman Emperor frae 275 tae 276. Durin his short reign he campaigned against the Goths an the Heruli, for which he receivit the title Gothicus Maximus.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Antoninianus o Tacitus

Tacitus wis born in Interamna (Terni), in Italia.[3] He circulatit copies o the historian Gaius Cornelius Tacitus' wirk, which wis barely read at the time, an sae we aiblins hae him tae thank for the pairtial survival o Tacitus' wirk; housomeivver, modren historiografie[4] rejects his claimit strynd frae the historian as forgery. In the course o his lang life he dischairgit the duties o various ceevil offices, includin that o consul in 273, wi universal respect.[5]

Emperor O The Roman Empire[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter the assassination o Aurelian, Tacitus wis chosen bi the Senate tae succeed him, an the choice wis cordially ratifee'd bi the airmy.[2] This wis the last time the Senate electit a Roman Emperor. Thare wis a interregnum atween Aurelian an Tacitus, an thare is substantial evidence that Aurelian's wife, Ulpia Severina, ruled in her awn richt afore the election o Tacitus.[6][7] At ony rate, Tacitus wis situatit at Campanie when he heard the news o his election, an he quickly rushed tae Roum.[8] He decidit tae re-involve the Senate in some consultative manner in the mechanisms o govrenment[9] an askit the Senate tae deify Aurelian, afore arrestin an executin Aurelian's murtherers.[8]

Fechtin Barbarians[eedit | eedit soorce]

Next he muivit against the barbarian mercenars that haed been gathered bi Aurelian tae supplement Roman forces for his Eastren campaign.[10] Thir mercenars haed plundered several touns in the Eastren Roman provinces efter Aurelian haed been murthert an the campaign cancelled.[9] His hauf-brither, the Praetorian Prefect Florianus, an Tacitus hissel wan a victory against thir tribes, amang which wur the Heruli, gainin the emperor the title Gothicus Maximus.[8]

Daith[eedit | eedit soorce]

On his wey back tae the wast tae deal wi a Frankish an Alamannic invasion o Gaul, accordin tae Aurelius Victor, Eutropius an the Historia Augusta, Tacitus dee'd o fiver at Tyana in Cappadocia in Juin 276.[11][12] It wis reportit that he began actig strangely, declarin that he wad alter the names o the months tae honour hissel, afore succumbin tae a fiver.[10] In a contrar accoont, Zosimus claims he wis assassinatit, efter appointin ane o his relatives tae an important command in Sirie.[13]

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