Philip the Arab

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Philip the Arab
33rd Emperor o the Roman Empire
Bust of emperor Philippus Arabus - Hermitage Museum.jpg
Reign 244–249
Predecessor Gordian III
Successor Decius an Herennius Etruscus
Issue Marcus Julius Philippus Severus (Philippus II, 238–249)
Full name
Marcus Julius Philippus (frae birth tae accession);
Caesar Marcus Julius Philippus Augustus (as emperor)
Faither Julius Marinus
Born c. 204
Philippopolis, Arabia Petraea
Died 249 (aged 45)
Verona, Italia

Philip the Arab (Laitin: Marcus Julius Philippus Augustus;[lower-alpha 1] Arabic: فيليب العربيFīlīb al-ʿArabī c. 204 – 249), an aa kent as Philip or Philippus Arabs, wis Roman Emperor frae 244 tae 249. He wis born in present-day Sirie, an went on tae acome a major figure in the Roman Empire. He achieved pouer efter the daith o Gordian III, quickly negotiatin peace wi the Sassanid Empire. During his reign, Roum celebratit its millennium.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In Classical Laitin, Philip's name would be inscribed as MARCVS IVLIVS PHILIPPVS AVGVSTVS.