Antoninus Pius

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Antoninus Fulvius Pius
15t Emperor o the Roman Empire
Antoninus Pius Glyptothek Munich 337 cropped.jpg
Bust o Antoninus Pius, at Glyptothek, Munich.
Ring11 Julie 138 – 7 Mairch 161
SuccessorMarcus Aurelius an Lucius Verus
Born19 September 86(86-09-19)
near Lanuvium, Italy
Dee'd7 Mairch 161(161-03-07) (aged 74)
BuirialHadrian's Mausoleum
IssueFaustina the Younger, ane ither dauchter an twa sons, aw died afore 138 (naitural); Marcus Aurelius
an Lucius Verus (adoptive)
Full name
Titus Aurelius Fulvius Boionius Arrius Antoninus (frae birth tae adoption bi Hadrian);
Titus Aelius Caesar Antoninus (frae adoption tae accession);
Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius (as emperor)
Imperial DynastyAntonine
FaitherTitus Aurelius Fulvius (natural);
Hadrian (adoptive, from 25 Feb. 138)
MitherArria Fadilla

Antoninus Pius (Laitin: Titus Fulvius Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius;[1][2] born 19 September, 86 AD – died 7 Mairch, 161 AD), forby kent as Antoninus, wis Roman Emperor frae 138 tae 161. He wis a member o the Nerva-Antonine dynasty an the Aurelii.[3]

He acquired the name Pius efter his accession tae the throne, either acause he compelled the Senate tae deify his adoptive faither Hadrian,[4] or acause he haed saved senators sentenced tae daith bi Hadrian in his later years.[5]

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