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Antoninianus Quintillus-s3243.jpg
43rd Emperor o the Roman Empire
Ring270 (17–177 days)
PredecessorClaudius II
Bornc. 210
Sirmium, Pannonia Inferior
Dee'd270 (aged around 60)
Aquileia, Italia
Issue2 sons
Full name
Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus (frae birth tae accession);
Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus Augustus (as emperor)

Quintillus (Laitin: Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus Augustus;[1][2] c. 210 – Aprile 270), wis Roman Emperor for a few months in 270.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In Clessical Laitin, Quintillus' name would be inscribed as MARCVS AVRELIVS CLAVDIVS QVINTILLVS AVGVSTVS.
  2. Jones, pg. 759