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25t Emperor o the Roman Empire
Bust of Elagabalus - Palazzo Nuovo - Musei Capitolini - Rome 2016 (2).jpg
Bust o Elagabalus,
frae the Capitoline Museums
Ring8 Juin 218 – 11 Mairch 222
SuccessorAlexander Severus
Bornca. 203
Dee'd11 Mairch 222 (aged 18)
Roum, Italy
IssueAlexander Severus (adoptive)
Full name
Varius Avitus Bassianus
(frae birth tae accession);
Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
(as emperor)
DynastySeveran Dynasty
FaitherSextus Varius Marcellus
MitherJulia Soaemias Bassiana

Elagabalus (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, c. 203 – 11 Mairch 222), forby kent as Heliogabalus, wis Roman Emperor frae 218 tae 222. A member o the Severan Dynasty, he wis Sirie bein the seicont son o Julia Soaemias an Sextus Varius Marcellus. In his early youth he served as a priest o the god Elagabal (in Laitin, Elagabalus) in the hometoun o his mither's faimily, Emesa. As a private ceetizen, he wis probably named Sextus Varius Avitus Bassianus.[1] Upon acomin emperor he teuk the name Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. He wis cried Elagabalus anly efter his daith.

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