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3 m (10 ft)

Majuro, /ˈmæər/ (Marshallese: Mājro, [mʲæzʲ(ɛ͡ʌ)rˠɤ͡oo̯]),[1] is the caipital an mucklest ceety o the Republic of the Marshall Islands. It is a muckle coral atoll o 64 islands in the Paceefic Ocean an aw. It fuirms a legislative destrict o the Ratak Chain o the Marshall Islands. The atoll haes a laund aurie o 9.7 square kilometre (3.7 sq mi) an encloses a lagoon o 295 square kilometre (114 sq mi). As wi ither atolls in the Marshall Islands, Majuro consists o narrae laund masses.

The main population center, namit Delap-Uliga-Djarrit, DUD - three contiguous motus, haed 20,301 fowk as o 2012. Majuro haes a port, shoppin destrict, hotels, an a internaitional airport.

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