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Coordinates: 0°32′S 166°56′E / 0.533°S 166.933°E / -0.533; 166.933 (Nauru)

Republic o Nauru

Repubrikin Naoero (Nauruan)
Banner o Nauru
Coat o airms o Nauru
Coat o airms
Motto: "God's will first"
AnthemNauru Bwiema
"Nauru, oor hameland"
Location o Nauru
CaipitalYaren (de facto) [a]
Lairgest ceetyMeneñ
Offeecial leidsNauruan
Common leids
GovrenmentNon-partisan democracy, pairlamentar republic
• Preses
Lionel Aingimea
Marcus Stephen
31 Januar 1968
• Total
21 km2 (8.1 sq mi) (193rd)
• Water (%)
• October 2011 census
10,084[3] (234th)
• Density
480/km2 (1,243.2/sq mi) (25t)
GDP (PPP)2017 estimate
• Total
$160 million[4] (192nt)
• Per capita
$12,052[4] (94t)
GDP (nominal)2017 estimate
• Tot
$114 million[4]
• Per capita
CurrencyAustralie dollar (AUD)
Time zoneUTC+12
Drivin sidecaur
Cawin code+674
ISO 3166 codeNR
Internet TLD.nr
  1. ^ Nauru daes nae have an offeecial caipital, but Yaren is the lairgest settlement an the seat o pairlament.

Nauru (pronounced /nɑːˈʊəruː/ (deprecatit template) nah-OO-roo), offeecially the Republic o Nauru an umwhile kent as Pleasant Island, is an island naition in Micronesie in the Sooth Paceefic. Its nearest neebor is Banaba Island in Kiribati, 300 km tae the east. Nauru is the warld's weest island naition, coverin juist 21 square kilometres (8.1 sq mi).

Settled bi fowk frae Micronesie an Polynesie c. 1000 BC, Nauru wis annexed an claimed as a colony bi the German Empire in the late 19t century. Efter Warld War I, Nauru becam a League o Naitions mandate admeenistered bi Australie, New Zealand an the Unitit Kinrick. In Warld War II, Nauru wis occupied bi Japanese truips, that war bipassed bi the Allied advance athort the Paceefic. Efter the war endit, the kintra entered intae UN trusteeship. Nauru gained its unthirldom in 1968.

Nauru is a phosphate-rock island wi rich deposits near the surface, that alloued easy strip minin operations. It haes some remeenin phosphate resoorces that, as o 2011, are nae economically viable for extraction.[5] Whan the phosphate reserves war exhausted, an the island's environment haed been seriously hairmed bi minin, the trust that haed been established tae manage the island's walth dimeenished in vailyie. Tae earn income, Nauru briefly becam a tax haven an illegal money launderin centre.[6] Frae 2001 tae 2008, an again frae 2012, it acceptit aid frae the Australie Govrenment in exchynge for hostin the Nauru Regional Processin Centre. As a result o hivy dependence on Australie, mony soorces hae identifee'd Nauru as a client state o Australie.[7][8][9]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Inglis is nae an offeecial leid, but it is widely spoken bi the majority o the population an it is commonly uised in govrenment, legislation an commerce alangside Nauruan. Due tae Nauru's history an relationship wi Australie, Australie Inglis is the dominant variety.[1][2]

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