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Collin Coonty

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Collin County, Texas
Seal o Collin County, Texas
Cairt o Texas heichlichtin Collin County
Location in the U.S. state o Texas
Cairt o the Unitit States heichlichtin Texas
Texas's location in the U.S.
 • Tot886 sq mi (2,295 km2)
 • Laund848 sq mi (2,196 km2)
 • Watter38 sq mi (98 km2), 4.32%
 • (2010)782,341
 • Density992.6/sq mi (383/km²)

Collin Coonty (Inglis: Collin County) is a suburban coonty locatit in the U.S. state o Texas. The coonty haes been experiencin extensive growt in recent years. As o the 2010 census, its population wis 782,341.[1] Its seat is McKinney.[2] Baith the coonty an the coonty seat wur namit efter Collin McKinney (1766 - 1861), ane o the five men who draftit the Texas Declaration o Unthirldom an the auldest o the 59 men who signed it.

Collin County is pairt o the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. A sma portion o the ceety o Dallas is locatit in the coonty. Ither important ceeties in the coonty include Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, Wylie, an Murphy.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the U.S. Census Bureau, the coonty haes a tot aurie o 886 square mile (2,294.7 km2), o which 848 square mile (2,196.3 km2) is land an 38 square mile (98.4 km2) (4.32%) is watter.

Major heich-gates[eedit | eedit soorce]

Adjacent coonties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Historical population
Census Pop.
U.S. Decennial Census[3]
Texas Almanac: 1850-2010[4]

As o the census[5] o 2000, thare wur 491,675 fowk, 181,970 hoosehaulds, an 132,292 families residin in the coonty. The population densitie wis 580 fowk per square mile (224/km²). Thare wur 194,892 hoosin units at an average densitie o 230 per square mile (89/km²). The racial makup o the coonty wis 81.39% White, 4.79% Black or African American, 0.47% Native American, 6.92% Asie, 0.05% Paceefic Islander, 4.26% frae ither races, an 2.11% frae twa or mair races. 10.27% o the population wur Hispanic or Latino o ony race.

Accordin tae U.S. Census figurs released in 2006, the racial makup o the coonty wis as follaes: 77.21% White, 7.26% African American, 10.02% Asie, 0.45% Native American, 5.06% o ither or mixed race. 12.8% Hispanic o ony race.

Thare wur 181,970 hoosehaulds oot o which 40.60% haed chiler unner the age o 18 livin wi them, 62.10% wur marriet couples livin thegither, 7.50% haed a female hoosehaulder wi nae husband present, an 27.30% wur nan-families. 22.10% o aw hoosehaulds wur made up o individuals and 3.10% haed someane livin alane who wis 65 years o age or aulder. The average hoosehauld size wis 2.68 an the average faimily size wis 3.18.

In the coonty, the population wis spread oot wi 28.70% unner the age o 18, 7.40% frae 18 tae 24, 37.90% frae 25 tae 44, 20.70% frae 45 tae 64, an 5.30% who wur 65 years o age or aulder. The median age wis 33 years. For ivery 100 females thare wur 99.80 males. For ivery 100 females age 18 an ower, thare wur 97.80 males.

The median income for a hoosehauld in the coonty wis $70,835, an the median income for a faimily wis $81,856 (thir figures haed risen tae $77,671 an $91,881 respectively as o a 2007 estimate).[6] Males haed a median income o $57,392 versus $36,604 for females. The per caipita income for the coonty wis $33,345. Aboot 3.30% o faimilies an 4.90% o the population wur belaw the poverty line, includin 5.10% o those unner age 18 an 7.10% o those age 65 or ower. Based on median hoosehauld income, as o 2006, Collin Coonty is the seicont richest coonty in Texas efter Fort Bend, an is considered ane o the walthiest coonties in the Unitit States.

Housomeivver, Collin - lik ither Texas coonties - haes ane o the naition's heichest property tax rates. In 2007, it wis #21 for property taxes as percentage o the hames value on awner occupeed hoosin.[7] It rankit in the Tap 100 for amount o property taxes peyed an for percentage o taxes o income. an aw Pairt o this is due tae the Robin Hood plan schuil financin seestem in Texas.[8]

Politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Collin Coonty is a Republican stranghauld in presidential an congressional elections. The last Democrat tae win the coonty wis Lyndon Johnson in 1964. As the northren Dallas suburbs spilled intae Collin Coonty in the late 1960s an early 1970s its politics immediately swung tae the Republican Pairty.

In the Hoose o Representatives, the soothwastren pairt o Collin Coonty is representit in Texas's 3rd congressional destrict an the rest o the coonty is representit in the Texas's 4t congressional destrict. Baith destricts are held bi Republicans, the 3rd bi Sam Johnson, an the 4t bi Ralph Hall, who anerlie recently switched tae the Republican Pairty.

Ceeties an touns[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ceety extends intae ane adjacent coonty.
†† Ceety extends intae twa or mair adjacent coonties.

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

The follaein schuil destricts lee entirely athin Collin Coonty:

while anerlie pairts o the follaein destricts lee athin the coonty:

Colleges an Universities[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Central Campus o Collin College [9] which opened in Januar 1986 is locatit in McKinney. Dallas Baptist University [10] haes an extension steid in Frisco, DBU Frisco an aw.

Lakes[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pairks[eedit | eedit soorce]

Collin County Parks and Open Spaces

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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