Austin, Texas

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Skyline of Austin, Texas

Austin is the caipital o the U.S. state o Texas an the seat o Travis Coonty. Locatit in Central Texas on the eastren edge o the American Soothwast,[1] it is the fowert-mucklest ceety in Texas an the fifteent maist populous ceety in the Unitit States.[2] It wis the third-fastest-growin muckle ceety in the naition frae 2000 tae 2006. Austin haes a population o 786,382 (2009 U.S. Census estimate).[3] The ceety is the cultural an economic centre o the Austin–Round Rock metropolitan aurie, wi a population o 1,750,224 (2009 U.S. Census estimate),[4] makkin it the 35t-mucklest metropolitan aurie in the Unitit States.

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Coordinates: 30°15′0″N 97°45′0″W / 30.25000°N 97.75000°W / 30.25000; -97.75000