Texarkana, Texas

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Texarkana is a toun in Bowie County, Texas, Unitit States. It effectively functions as ane hauf o a ceety which crosses a state line — the ither hauf, the ceety o Texarkana, Arkansas, lies on the ither side o State Line Avenue. The population o the ceety is 34,782 at the 2000 census.

The toun, alang wi its Arkansas coonterpairt, forms the core o the Texarkana, Texas–Texarkana, Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Aurie, encompassin aw o Bowie Coonty, Texas an Miller Coonty, Arkansas.

Texarkana is the heidquarters o the theologically conservative American Baptist Association, whose Missionary Baptist kirks are maist numerous in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, an Mississippi.

Coordinates: 33°26′14″N 94°4′3″W / 33.43722°N 94.06750°W / 33.43722; -94.06750