Brownsville, Texas

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Brownsville, Texas
City of Brownsville
Brownsville Skyline.jpg
"The Green City"
On the border by the sea
Location in Cameron Coonty
Location in Cameron Coonty
Brownsville is locatit in the US
Location in the contiguous Unitit States
Coordinates: 25°55′49″N 97°29′4″W / 25.93028°N 97.48444°W / 25.93028; -97.48444Coordinates: 25°55′49″N 97°29′4″W / 25.93028°N 97.48444°W / 25.93028; -97.48444
Kintra Unitit States o Americae
State Texas
Coonty Cameron
Metropolitan aurie Brownsville-Harlingen metropolitan aurie
 • TeepCouncil-Manager
 • Ceety CooncilMayor: Antonio "Tony" Martinez
Commissioner At-Large "A": Cesar de Leon
Commissioner At-Large "B": Rose M. Z. Gowen
Commissioner District 1: Ricardo Longoria, Jr.
Commissioner District 2: Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa
Commissioner District 3: Deborah Portillo
Commissioner District 4: John Villarreal
 • Ceety ManagerCharlie Cabler
 • Ceety378.9 km2 (146.3 sq mi)
 • Laund342.7 km2 (132.3 sq mi)
 • Watter36.1 km2 (13.9 sq mi)
10 m (33 ft)
 (2014 estimate)
 • Ceety183,046 (US: 131st)
 • Density534.1/km2 (1,383/sq mi)
 • Metro
420,392 (US: 126t)
 • Metro density615.9/km2 (1,602.2/sq mi)
 • Demonym
 • CSA
444,059 (US: 93rd)
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (CDT)
ZIP codes
78520, 78521, 78522, 78523, 78526
Aurie code(s)956
FIPS code48-10768[1]
GNIS featur ID1372749[2]
AirportBrownsville/South Padre Island Internaitional Airport KLRD (BRO)

Brownsville is the coonty seat o Cameron Coonty, Texas. It is the saxteent maist populous ceety in the state o Texas, wi a population at the 2010 census o 175,023[3] an an estimatit population in 2014 o 183,046.[4] It is locatit at the soothmaist tip o Texas, on the northren bank o the Rio Grande, directly north an across the border frae Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The 2014 U.S. Census Bureau estimate placed the Brownsville-Harlingen metropolitan aurie population at 420,392, makkin it the nint maist populous metropolitan aurie in the state o Texas.[5] In addition, the internaitional Matamoros–Brownsville Metropolitan Area wis estimatit tae hae a population o 1,136,995.[6] Brownsville haes ane o the heichest poverty rates in the naition, an is frequently citit as haein the heichest percentage o residents belaw the federal poverty level oot o aw ceeties in the naition.[7]

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