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Nevada, Texas

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Nevada, Texas
Location o Nevada in Collin Coonty, Texas
Location o Nevada in Collin Coonty, Texas
Coordinates: 33°2′36″N 96°22′23″W / 33.04333°N 96.37306°W / 33.04333; -96.37306Coordinates: 33°2′36″N 96°22′23″W / 33.04333°N 96.37306°W / 33.04333; -96.37306
KintraUnitit States
 • Total3.0 km2 (1.2 sq mi)
 • Laund3.0 km2 (1.2 sq mi)
 • Water0.0 km2 (0.0 sq mi)
196 m (643 ft)
 • Total822
 • Density274/km2 (685/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central (CST))
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (CDT)
ZIP code
Area code(s)972
FIPS code48-50760[1]
GNIS feature ID1375113[2]

Nevada is a ceety in Collin Coonty, Texas, United States. The population wis 822 at the 2010 census. First settled in 1835 bi John McMinn Stambaugh an namit McMinn Chapel, the aurie wis settled bi Granville Stinebaugh, who namit it efter Nevada Territory (the local pronunciation, tho, haes the seicont syllable as "vay"). Nevada enjoyed some prosperity efter becomin a stop on the St. Louis Southwestern Railway, an the toun incorporatit in 1889.

On 9 Mey 1927, a hauf-mile wide tornado ripped throu Nevada, leaving 27 dead, 75 injured, an property damage exceedin $1 million. The toun haed a difficult recovery; citizens votit tae unincorporate, an placit the restoration o the commonty in the haunds o the Collin Coonty authorities. Housomeivver, wi the growin mechanisation involvit in agricultur, alang wi the Great Depression, caused the toun tae faw intae stagnation. The railwey later remuivit its tracks frae the aurie.

Recent growthe in Collin Coonty durin the last 25 years haes moderately impruivit life in Nevada. The population haes again reached the hichts o 1927, an the toun reincorporatit in 1988.


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Accordin tae the Unitit States Census Bureau, the ceety haes a total aurie o 1.2 square mile (3.1 km2), aw o it laund.


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As o the census[1] o 2000, thare wur 563 fowk, 187 hoosehaulds, an 146 faimilies residin in the ceety. The population densitie wis 486.0 fowk per square mile (187.4/km2). Thare wur 203 hoosin units at an average densitie o 175.2/sq mi (67.6/km2). The racial makup o the ceety wis 90.23% White, 5.51% African American, 1.42% Native American, 0.53% Asie, 0.18% Paceefic Islander, 1.78% frae ither races, an 0.36% frae twa or mair races. Hispanic or Latino o ony race wur 6.57% o the population.

There wur 187 hoosehaulds oot o which 44.9% haed childer unner the age o 18 livin wi thaim, 65.2% wur marriet couples livin thegither, 9.6% haed a female hoosehaulder wi no husband present, an 21.4% wur nan-faimilies. 17.1% o aw hoosehaulds wur made up o individuals an 5.9% haed someane livin alane who wis 65 years o age or aulder. The average hoosehauld size wis 3.01 an the average faimily size wis 3.36.

In the ceety the population wis spread oot wi 32.5% unner the age o 18, 7.6% frae 18 tae 24, 33.0% frae 25 tae 44, 17.6% frae 45 tae 64, an 9.2% who wur 65 years o age or aulder. The median age was 33 years. For ivery 100 females thare wur 98.9 males. For ivery 100 females age 18 an ower, thare wur 94.9 males.

The median income for a hoosehauld in the ceety wis $46,500, an the median income for a faimily wis $49,688. Males haed a median income o $29,375 versus $20,000 for females. The per caipita income for the ceety wis $15,221. Aboot 2.2% o faimilies an 4.8% o the population wur belaw the poverty line, includin 1.3% o those unner age 18 an 5.6% o those age 65 or ower.


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The City of Nevada is servit bi the Community Independent School District.


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