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Coat o airms o Trinidad an Tobago

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The Coat o Airms o Trinidad an Tobago wis designed bi a committee formed in 1962 tae select the seembols that wad be representative o the fowk o Trinidad an Tobago. The committee includit notit airtist Carlisle Chang an the late designer George Bailey. The palm tree at the tap o the Coat o Airms wis taken frae Tobago's Coat o Airms afore it wis joined in poleetical union wi Trinidad. The wreath represents the cron o the monarchy o the Unitit Kinrick, Trinidad an Tobago's colonizers at the time o unthirldom. The shield haes the same colours (black, red, an white) o the naition's banner an carry the same meanin. The gowd ships represent the Santa María, La Niña, an La Pinta: the three ships Christopher Columbus uised on his journey tae the "New Warld." The twa birds on the shield are hummingbirds. Trinidad is whiles referred tae as the "Land o the Hummingbird" acause mair nor saxteen different species o hummingbird hae been recordit on the island. "Land o the Hummingbird" is an aa believed tae hae been the Native American name for Trinidad. The twa lairger birds are the Scarlet Ibis (left) an the Cocrico (richt), the naitional birds o Trinidad an Tobago. Belaw the Scarlet Ibis are three hills, representin the Trinity Hills in soothren Trinidad, which, it is believed, convinced Columbus tae name the island efter the Holy Trinity. The island risin oot o the waters beneath the Cocrico represents Tobago. Belaw these birds is the naition's motto, "Thegither We Aspire, Thegither We Achieve."

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