Celebes Sea

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Celebes Sea
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Coordinates 3°N 122°E / 3°N 122°E / 3; 122
Pairt o Paceefic Ocean
Basin kintras

The Celebes Sea (Indonesian: Laut Sulawesi, Filipino: Dagat Selebes) o the wastren Paceefic Ocean is bordered on the north bi the Sulu Airchipelago an Sulu Sea an Mindanao Island o the Philippines, on the east bi the Sangihe Islands chain, on the sooth bi Sulawesi's Minahassa Peninsula, an on the wast bi Kalimantan in Indonesie. It extends 420 miles (675 km) north-sooth bi 520 mi (840 km) east-wast an haes a tot surface aurie o 110,000 square miles (280,000 km2), tae a maximum deepth o 20,300 feet (6,200 m). The sea opens soothwast throu the Makassar Strait intae the Java Sea.

Coordinates: 3°N 122°E / 3°N 122°E / 3; 122