Inglis Channel

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Satellite pictur o the Inglis Chainel

The Inglis Chainel (Inglis: English Channel; French: Manche, "sleeve") is a pairt o the Atlantic Ocean that sinders the island o Great Breetain frae northren Fraunce an jynes the German Ocean tae the Atlantic. It is aboot 562 km (350 mile) lang an varies in weenth frae 240 km (150 mile) at its braidest tae anerly 34 km (21 mile) in the Strait o Dover.[1] It is the smawest o the shallae seas roond the continental shelf o Europe, kiverin an area o anerly some 75,000 km² (29,000 square mile).[2]

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Coordinates: 50°N 02°W / 50°N 2°W / 50; -2