Gulf o Sidra

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Satellite image o the Gulf o Sirt (2007)
Sunset ower the gulf
Map o Libie

Gulf o Sidra is a body o water in the Mediterranean Sea on the northren coast o Libie; it is an aa kent as Gulf o Sirt or the Great Sirt or Greater Syrtis (Laitin Syrtis Major, Greek Σύρτις μεγάλη, contrastin wi Syrtis Minor in Tunisie).

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Gulf o Sidra haes been a major centre for tuna fishin in the Mediterranean for centuries. It gives its name tae the ceety o Sirte situatit on its western side.

The gulf measures 273 miles (439 km) frae the promontory o Boreum (nou Ras Teyonas) on the East side tae the the promontory o Cephalae (Ras Kasr Hamet) on the Wast. The greatest extension o the gulf inland is 110 miles (180 km) land inward[1] an occupees an aurie o 22,000 square miles.[2]

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