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Labrador Sea

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Labrador Sea
Past sunset at Labrador Sea, off the coast o Paamiut, Greenland
Coordinates61°N 56°W / 61°N 56°W / 61; -56 (Labrador Sea)Coordinates: 61°N 56°W / 61°N 56°W / 61; -56 (Labrador Sea)
Basin kintrasCanadae, Greenland
Max. lenthc. 1,000 km (621 mi)
Max. weenthc. 900 km (559 mi)
841,000 km2 (324,700 sq mi)
Average deepth1,898 m (6,227 ft)
Max. deepth4,316 m (14,160 ft)

The Labrador Sea (French: mer du Labrador) is an airm o the North Atlantic Ocean atween the Labrador Peninsula an Greenland.


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