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Brasov collage.png
Frae tap, left tae richt: Foontain in Cooncil Square, Cooncil Hoose, panoramic view o the Auld Toun, Hollywood-lik sign on Tâmpa, Republic Street, Black Kirk, aerial view o St. Nicholas Kirk
Coat o airms o Brașov
Coat o airms
Location of Brașov
Location of Brașov
Brașov is locatit in Braşov Coonty
Location of Brașov
Coordinates: 45°40′N 25°37′E / 45.667°N 25.617°E / 45.667; 25.617Coordinates: 45°40′N 25°37′E / 45.667°N 25.617°E / 45.667; 25.617
Country  Romanie
Coonty Actual Brasov county CoA.png Brașov
Status County capital
Foondit 1234
 • Mayor George Scripcaru (Democratic Liberal Pairty)
 • Ceety 267.32 km2 (103.21 sq mi)
 • Metro 1,368.5 km2 (528.4 sq mi)
Elevation 600 m (2,000 ft)
Population (2011 census[1])
 • Ceety 253,200
 • Density 853/km2 (2,210/sq mi)
 • Metro 369,896
Demonym(s) brașoveanbrașoveancă (ro)
Population bi ethnicity
 • Romanians 91.3%
 • Hungarians 7.1%
 • Germans 0.5%
 • Gypsies 0.4%
 • Jews 0.05%
 • Lipovans 0.05%
 • Italians 0.036%
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Simmer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code RO 500xxx
Aurie code(s) (+40) 268
Vehicle registration BV

Brașov (Romanie pronunciation: [braˈʃov] ( listen); German: Kronstadt; Hungarian: Brassó, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈbrɒʃʃoː]; Medieval Laitin: Brassovia or Corona; 1950–1960: Orașul Stalin) is a ceety in Romanie an the caipital o Brașov Coonty.

Accordin tae the last Romanian census, frae 2002, there wur 284,596 fowk livin athin the ceety o Brașov, makin it the 8t maist populatit ceety in Romaniee.

Brașov is locatit in the central pairt o the kintra, aboot 166 km north o Bucharest. It is surroondit bi the Soothren Carpathians an is pairt o the Transylvanie region.

The ceety is notable for being the birthplace o the naitional anthem o Romanie an for hostin the Golden Stag International Music Festival.

Twin ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

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