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Rooftop view of Bayswater, looking from the top of one of the Hallfield Estate tower blocks towards Kensington Gardens.
Bayswater is located in Greater Lunnon
Location within Greater Lunnon
OS grid referenceTQ255805
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounLONDON
Postcode destrictW2
Diallin code020
EU PairlamentLondon
UK Pairlament
Leet o places
51°30′34″N 0°11′34″W / 51.5095°N 0.1929°W / 51.5095; -0.1929Coordinates: 51°30′34″N 0°11′34″W / 51.5095°N 0.1929°W / 51.5095; -0.1929

Bayswater is an aurie o Central Lunnon in the Ceety o Wastmeenster . It is a biggit-up destrict locatit 3 mile (4.8 km) wast-north-wast o Charing Cross, borderin the north o Hyde Park an haein a population densitie o 17,500 per square kilometre.

Bayswater is ane o Lunnon's maist cosmopolitan auries, wharein a diverse local population is augmentit bi a heich concentration o hotels. In addition tae the native Inglis, thare is a significant Arab population towards Edgware Road, a lairge Greek commonty attractit bi Lunnon's Greek Orthodox Cathedral, mony Americans an Lunnon's main Brazilian commonty.

The aurie haes attractive streets an gairden squares lined wi Victorian stucco terraces, maistly nou subdividit intae flats an buirdin hooses. The property ranges from very expensive apairtments tae sma studio flats. Thare are purpose-biggit apairtment blocks datin frae the inter-war period as well as mair recent developments an aw, an a lairge council estate, the 650-flat Hallfield Estate, designed bi Sir Denys Lasdun an nou lairgely sauld aff.

Queensway an Westbourne Grove are its busiest main streets, baith haeing mony ethnic-cuisine restaurants.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The laund nou cried Bayswater belongit tae the Abbey o Wastmeenster when the Domesday Book wis compiled; the maist considerable tenant unner the abbot wis Bainiardus, probably the same Norman associate o the Conqueror who gae his name tae Baynard's Castle. The strynd o the laund held bi him canna be clearly tracit: but his name lang remained attached tae pairt o it; an, as late as the year 1653, a parliamentary grant o the Abbey or Chapter launds describes "the common field at Paddington" as being "near a place commonly cried Baynard's Watering." In 1720, the launds o the Dean an Chapter are describit tae be the occupation o Alexander Bond, o Bear's Watering, in the same parish o Paddington. It mey tharefore fairly be concludit that this portion o grund, aaways remarkable for its springs o excellent watter, ance supplee'd watter tae Baynard, his hoosehauld, or his cattle; that the memory o his name wis preservit in the neebourheid for sax centuries; an that his wattering-place nou taks the abbreviatit name Bayswater.

Notable residents[eedit | eedit soorce]

Various persons of internaitional renown are frequently reportit as buying property in the aurie, includin Claudia Schiffer.

Local politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The aurie elects sax cooncillors tae Wastmeenster Ceety Cooncil, currently aw Conservative. Three are electit frae the wairds o Bayswater, whare the Conservatives hae a majority in excess o 250 votes ower the Leeberal Democrats. Three are electit frae Lancaster Gate an aw, which is a safe Conservative waird, representit bi leader o the Cooncil Simon Milton.

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The nearest London Underground stations are Bayswater, Queensway, Royal Oak an Lancaster Gate.

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