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Banner o Honduras

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Naval ensign. Banner ratio: 1:2

This naitional banner o Honduras wis adoptit on Januar 9, 1866, based on the banner o the Federal Republic o Central Americae. In 1823 Honduras joined the Unitit Provinces o Central Americae an adoptit thair banner. In 1866 it wis amendit; five blue stars wur placed in the centre tae represent the 5 oreeginal Central American provinces. The colors an pattern are the same as the banner o the Unitit Provinces o Central Americae.

The banner consists o three horizontal baunds o equal width wi an oweraw lenth:width ratio o 2:1. The twa ooter blue baunds represent the Pacific Ocean an the Caribbean Sea. The inner white baund represents the land atween the ocean an the sea an the peace an prosperity o its fowk. The five blue five-pointit starns arranged in an X pattern centred in the white baund represent the five naitions o the umwhile Federal Republic o Central Americae (El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, an Guatemala) an the hope that the naitions mey form a union again.

Ceevilian an govrenment ships flee the naitional banner as an ensign. Ships o the Honduran Navy flee as a naval ensign a version o the naitional banner in which the five starn emblem is replaced bi the coat o airms o Honduras abuin an invertit airch o five sma blue stars.

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