Banner o El Salvador

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The banner o El Salvador wis inspired bi the banner o the Federal Republic o Central Americae, an bi the banner o Argentinae, the kintra that sent ane o the first fleets tae help consummate the unthirldom o Central American republics frae Spain.

Thare are twa versions o the banner, ane containin the Naitional Coat o Airms an the ither the wirds "DIOS UNION LIBERTAD" (Spaingie: God, Union, Liberty). The ane bearin the Coat o airms is uised bi the govrenment or state organisations. The ither version is uised for ceevil purposes. Baith banners hae a 3:5 aspect ratio.

Frae 1865 tae 1912, a different banner wis in uise, wi a field o alternatin blue an white stripes an a reid canton containin white starns.

The actual Blue an White stripes in banner are based on the importance o Añil exports, Añil wis commonly uised as a soorce for indigo dye.

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