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Banner o Nicaragua

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The banner o Nicaragua wis offeecially adoptit on August 27, 1971 (first adoptit on September 4, 1908[1]). It is based on the flag o the Unitit States o Central Americae an inspired bi the Argentine banner.


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The banner an the airms o Nicaragua in uise the day are the maist seemilar tae those uised bi the Unitit Provinces o Central Americae. The triangle, volcanoes, risin sun, Cap o Liberty, an rainbow aw appeared on the oreeginal emblem. The coat o airms uised the day contains the name o the state, Republica de Nicaragua, whauras in 1823 the title wis Provincias Unidas del Centro de Americae. The decision tae revert tae the emblems uised bi the Unitit Provinces o Central Americae wis taken in 1908 an reflectit Nicaragua's aspirations for the rebirth o the poleetical entity formed bi the 5 naitions. Except for the text aroond the airms, the banner is vera seemilar tae that o the Unitit Provinces o Central Americae. The 5 volcanoes represent the oreeginal 5 member states, the Cap o Liberty represents naitional freedom, an the rays o the sun an the rainbow are seembolic o the bricht future.

Historical banners

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Aug 1823 - Nov 1824
Nov 1824 - Apr 1854
1852 - 1854 (attributed)
Apr 1854 - 1858
Apr 1854 - 1858 (Merchant Navy flag)
1858 - 1873
1873 - 1889
1889 - 1893 (attributed)
1893 - 1896
1896 - Nov 1898
Nov 1898 - Nov 1898
Apr - Dec 1898
Banner o the Mosquito Coast, 1834 - 1860
Banner o the Mosquito Coast, 1860
Banner o the Unitit Provinces o Central Americae, 1823 - 1825
Banner o the Federal Republic o Central Americae, 1825 - 1841


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