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Banner o Trinidad an Tobago

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Naitional banner (uised as state an military banner). Banner ratio: 3:5

The banner o Trinidad an Tobago wis adoptit upon unthirldom frae Great Breetain on 31 August 1962. In blazons, the banner is Gules, a bend Sable fimbriated Argent.

Construction[eedit | eedit soorce]

The banner o Trinidad an Tobago flyin at the San Fernando Hill, San Fernando

The width o the white stripes is 1/30 o the banner lenth an the width o the black stripe is 2/15. The tot width o the three stripes thegither is therefore 1/5 o the lenth.[1]

Ither Banners[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ceevil an state ensign. Banner ratio: 1:2
Naval ensign. Banner ratio: 1:2
Presidential Staundart
Prime Meenister's Staundart

The ceevil ensign is the naitional banner in a 1:2 ratio. The naval ensign (uised bi coast guard vessels) is a Breetish white ensign wi the naitional banner in the canton.

The banner wis chosen bi the unthirldom committee in 1962. Red, black an white seembolise fire (the sun, representin courage), earth (representin dedication) an watter (representin purity an equality).[2]

Colonial banner[eedit | eedit soorce]

Prior tae unthirldom in 1962 Trinidad an Tobago uised a Breetish blue ensign defaced wi a circular badge depictin a ship arrivin in front o a muntain.

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