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Coat o airms o Honduras

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The coat o airms o Honduras features the text "Republic o Honduras free sovereign an independent", topped wi a cornucopia, a quiver o arraes, flanked bi deciduous trees an limestane cliffs, wi a Masonic eye at the center. The coat o airms o Honduras wis acceptit in 1825 an it wis modified in 1935. It is seemilar tae the coat o airms o Guatemala o 1843. The coat o airms shows the triangle coat o airms o the Central American federation wi a volcano atween twa golden touers in an oval. The touers staund for the defense readiness an the unthrildom o the kintra. The triangle seembolizes equality an freedom. Ahint it are a sun an a rainbow. Aroond the oval is the signature Republica de Honduras Libre Soberana E Independiente, thus free ane, sovereigns, independent Republic o Honduras. On the oval are twa fillin horns an an arrae bundle. The arraes remind o the native indwallers o the kintra. Unner the oval a landscape wi oaks, pine, tillage implements an devices for the minin industry is shawn - seembols o the naitural wealth o the kintra.

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