Amazon (company)

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Treddit as
ISIN US0231351067
Industrie Online shoppin
Foondit Julie 5, 1994; 23 years ago (1994-07-05)
Foonder Jeff Bezos
Heidquarters Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Aurie served
Key fowk
Revenue Increase US$135.98 billion[1] (2016)
Increase US$4.186 billion[1] (2016)
Increase US$2.371 billion[1] (2016)
Tot assets Increase US$83.402 billion[1] (2016)
Tot equity Increase US$19.285 billion[1] (2016)
Nummer o employees
Increase 541,900[2] (2017)
Diveesions Worldwide Consumer (Global Retail)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)[3][4]
Wabsteid Inc. is American multinaitional electronic commerce company wi heidquairters in Seattle, Washington, Unitit States. It is the warld's lairgest online retailer.[5] stairtit as an online bookstore, but suin diversifee'd, sellin DVDs, CDs, MP3 dounloads, software, video gemes, electronics, apparel, furnitur, toys, an jewelry. The company produces consumer electronics an aw—notably the Amazon Kindle e-beuk reader an the Kindle Fire tablet computer—an is a major provider o clood computin services.

Jeff Bezos incorporatit the company (as Cadabra) in Julie 1994, an the steid went online as in 1995.[6] The company wis renamit efter the Amazon River, ane o the lairgest rivers in the warld,[6] which in turn wis namit efter the Amazons, the legendar naition o female warriors in Greek meethologie.

Amazon haes separate retail wabsteid for the follaein kintras; Unitit States, Canadae, Unitit Kinrick, Fraunce, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Cheenae an Indie, wi internaitional shippin tae certain ither kintras for some o its products.[7] It is expectit tae launch its wabsteid in Poland an aw,[8] Netherlands, an Swaden.[9]

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