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Computer saftware, cried software or computer programs an aa, is the non-tangible component o computers.[1] It is the instructions tae be executit bi the haurdware, or ither concepts, tuils an methods needit tae mak an executable seestem on computer haurdware sic as design documents an pruivin suites.[2][3]

An individual soorce code or file conseests o unambiguous instructions and algorithms. Programs are joined wi yin anither and wi external inpit tae bi able tae accomplish a complex task.[3] Tuils sic as compilers, assemblers, flowcharts, design tuils, simulators and airchitectural diagrams - some o whit are also saftware - are necessar tae the design and execution o maist computing seestems.[3] Awtho saftware is intangible, it maks instructions fir computer haurdware tae produce veesible an tangible ootcomes.[3][4]

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