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Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler
Hitler in 1938
Führer o Germany
In office
2 August 1934 – 30 Aprile 1945
Precedit biPaul von Hindenburg
(as Preses)
Succeedit biKarl Dönitz
(as Preses)
Reich Chancellor o Germany
In office
30 Januar 1933 – 30 Aprile 1945
PresesPaul von Hindenburg (until 1934)
Precedit biKurt von Schleicher
Succeedit biJoseph Goebbels
Leader o the Nazi Pairty
In office
29 Juin 1921 – 30 Aprile 1945
DeputeRudolf Hess
Precedit biAnton Drexler
Succeedit biMartin Bormann
Personal details
Born20 Apryle 1889(1889-04-20)
Braunau am Inn, Austrick-Hungary
Dee'd30 Apryle 1945(1945-04-30) (aged 56)
Berlin, Germany
Cause o daithSuicide
  • Austrick ceetizen till 7 Aprile 1925[1]
  • German ceetizen after 25 Februar 1932
Poleetical pairtyNational Socialist German Wirkers' Pairty (1921–45)
Ither poleetical
German Wirkers' Pairty (1920–21)
Spoose(s)Eva Braun
(29–30 April 1945)
ReligionSee: Releegious views o Adolf Hitler
Militar service
Allegiance German Empire
Service/brainch Bavarie Airmy
Years o service1914–20
  • 16t Bavarie Reserve Regiment
  • Reichswehr intelligence
Battles/warsWarld War I

Adolf Hitler (20 Aprile 1889 - 30 Aprile 1945) wis the dictator o Nazi Germany an leader o the Nazi Pairty. Frae 1933 tae 1945 he wis Chaincellor o Germany forby, heid o govrenment, an heid o state. Hitler is an important leader (in German: Führer) in warld history. The militar-industrial complex he makkit helpit Germany git oot o the economic problems efter Warld War I. At ane time, Hitler's govrenment controlled a muckle pairt o Europe. On his order, millions o fowk wis murthert in the Holocaust. He committit suicide in Berlin afore his airmy wis defeatit.

Life history

Adolf Hitler wis born on Aprile 20t 1889 at Braunau am Inn, a smaw toun naur Linz in the province o Upper Austrick, nae far frae the German mairch, in whit wis than Austrick-Hungary.

Adolf wis an mensefu lad, but he failt the heich schuil admeession seys in Linz twice. Thare, he becam interestit in the anti-Semitic (anti-Jewish), Pan-German haivers o Professor Leopold Poetsch.

In 1913, Hitler wis 24. At that time, aw young Austrian men haed tae jyne the airmy. Hitler didna like the Austrian airmy, sae he left Austria for Germany. He steyed in a German ceety, Munich. In 1914, Hitler jynt the German airmy. He did weel for Germany in the First Warld War. He wis hurt in the war. The govrenment gied him the Airn Ruid as an awaird for his bravery.

In 1919, Hitler jynt a smaw poleetical pairty cried the German Warkers' Pairty. He belyve wun the support o the pairty members. Twa year efter, he becam the heid o the pairty. He renamed the pairty the National Socialist German Warker's Pairty (more aft kent as the Nazi Pairty).

In 1923, Hitler tried to owerthraw the Weimar Republic govrenment in the Swats Haw Putsch, but coudna dae it. The govrenment pit Hitler in the Landsburg Jyle. Thay said that he wad stay in the jyle for 5 year, but thay lat him leave efter 9 month. While he wis in preeson, he wrate a beuk wi the help o his freend Rudolf Hess. At first, Hitler wantit tae cry the beuk Fower an a Hauf Year o Struissle agin Lees, glaikitry an Couardiness. In the end, he cried the beuk Mein Kampf or Ma Struissle. In the beuk, Hitler shaws respect tae his faither. He says that thay haed disagreements. Hitler wisst tae become an airtist. His faither didna like this, he socht Adolf tae wark for the govrenment insteid.

In 1932, Hitler makkit the plans for a caur: later it was the weel-kent Volkswagen Beetle.

In 1933 Hitler gat intil pouer in Germany acause o poleetical manoeuverin. His govrenment immediately began restrictin freedom o speech an the press. It baured aw ither parties cep the Nazi party, an makkit fowk poleetical preesoners.

On 29 Aprile 1945, Hitler married Eva Braun; anly ane day later they committit suicide in Berlin afore his airmy wis defeatit.


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