Joseph Goebbels

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Joseph Goebbels
Reich propaganda meenister Goebbels
Chancellor o Germany
In office
30 Aprile 1945 – 1 Mey 1945
PresesKarl Dönitz
Precedit biAdolf Hitler
Succeedit biLutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk
Meenister o
Public Enlichtenment an Propaganda
In office
13 Mairch 1933 – 30 Aprile 1945
ChancellorAdolf Hitler
Precedit biOffice creatit
Succeedit biWerner Naumann
Gauleiter o Berlin
In office
9 November 1926 – 1 Mey 1945
Appyntit biAdolf Hitler
Precedit biErnst Schlange
Succeedit biNone
In office
Appyntit biAdolf Hitler
Precedit biOffice creatit
Succeedit biNone
Personal details
BornPaul Joseph Goebbels
29 October 1897(1897-10-29)
Rheydt, Prussia, Germany
Dee'd1 Mey 1945(1945-05-01) (aged 47)
Berlin, Germany
Poleetical pairtyNaitional Socialist German Wirkers' Pairty (NSDAP)
Spoose(s)Magda Ritschel
Alma materVarsity o Bonn
Varsity o Würzburg
Varsity o Freiburg
Varsity o Heidelberg
CabinetHitler Cabinet

Paul Joseph Goebbels (German: [ˈɡœbəls] ( listen);[1] 29 October 1897 – 1 Mey 1945) wis a German politeecian an Reich Meenister o Propaganda in Nazi Germany frae 1933 tae 1945. As ane o Adolf Hitler's closest associates an maist devout follaers, he wis kent for his zealous orations an deep an virulent antisemitism, which led him tae support the extermination o the Jews an tae be ane o the authors o the Final Solution[citation needit].

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