Karl Dönitz

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Karl Dönitz

Karl Dönitz (German pronunciation: [ˈdøːnɪts] ( listen); 16 September 1891 – 24 December 1980) wis a Warld War II German Admiral an the fowert an last Preses o the German Reich. As[wrang wird or uiss o Scots] Adolf Hitler's last will an testament that he wis appyntit tae, he acted up tae the reest an dismissal o his govrenment bi Allied forces on 23 Mey 1945 as heid o state o the German Reich an commander o the airmed forces.

Summary o career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dates o rank[eedit | eedit soorce]

Service history[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Cadet trainin on buird the Hertha: Aprile 1910–Mairch 1911
  • Naval schuil: Aprile 1911–September 1912
  • Serrin on buird the Breslau: October 1912–September 1916
  • Airfield commander, San Stefano an Dardanelles: September–December 1916
  • U-boat trainin: December 1916–Januar 1917
  • Watch Officer, U-39: Januar 1917–Februar 1918
  • Commander, UC-25: Mairch–September 1918
  • Commander, UB-68: September–October 1918
  • In Breetish captivity on Maltae: October 1918–Julie 1919
  • Staff o the Naval Station o the Baltic Sea: Julie 1919–Mairch 1920
  • Commander, Torpedo Boat V 5: Mairch–Aprile 1920
  • Commander, Torpedo Boats T 157 an G 8: Aprile 1920–Mairch 1923
  • Adviser an Adjutant, Inspection o Torpedo an Mine Affairs: Mairch 1923–November 1924
  • Adviser, Naval Defence Department o the Naval Command: November 1924–October 1927
  • Course an Information, SMS Nymphe: October–December 1927
  • Navigations Officer, SMS Nymphe: December 1927–September 1928
  • Commander, 4t Torpedo Boat Hauf Flotilla: September 1928–September 1930
  • 1st Admiral Staff Officer, Staff o the Naval Station o the North Sea: September 1930–September 1934
  • Commander, Emden: September 1934–September 1935
  • Commander, 1. Unterseebootsflottille: September 1935–October 1936
  • Führer der U-Boote: Januar 1936–October 1939
  • Befehlshaber der U-Boote: October 1939–Januar 1943
  • Oberbefehlshaber der Marine: Januar 1943–Aprile 1945
  • Wehrmacht Commander-in-Chief North: Aprile 1945
  • Reichspräsident an Supreme Commander o the Wehrmacht: Mey 1945