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Cairt o the warld o the airmie furms
  Nae airmed forces
  Nae conscription
  Ettil ti git redd o conscription inouth 3 yeir
  Nae wittins

An airmie (or airmy), braidlie speakin, is the laund-based airmed forces o a soverein kintra. In hott kintras it is whyls cried a laund airmie ti distinguish it frae the "air airmie" (airforce) o that kintra. The mukkilest airmie at praisent is the Fowk's Liberation Airmie o Cheenae wi 2,250,000 kemps an 800,000 reser sodgers. A staundin airmie is an airmie componed o fou tym sodgers wha "staund ower" an dinna disbaund in tyms o peace, whilk is unalyk reser forces whilk anerlie activate in tyms o need, siclyk weir or a naitral disaster.

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